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What is astrology or kundali ??

It’s the position of all the planets as viewed from a particular latitude/longitude on earth with varying degree. kundali is prepared based on the time and date, place of birth of respective person. This is slotted in 12 house from the top-view angle of birth. when these planets change position due to continuous revolving around the sun, the position with respect to houses change. Each planet has a different impact on the individual person. The combination of several such impacts when disintegrated into years, months , days, hours and minutes decide the journey of every human soul. Astrology is a study of such impact of planetary position on Human life..

In my 9 years of study and research, and 2 years of free practice I have analyzed the impacts of human life in to 3 zones

1. Purva punya sthan (the benefits or adversities of karma from your previous life)
This decides where, how , when, which land, which family, ghotram , language ,caste, creed,race, gender you are born in)
2. Present life karma ( the action , thought, behaviour, and response to present life situation decides the benefits or loss )
3. The movement of planetary position, combinations and its impact on human life is one more deciding factor. The response we give to such impacts decides the outcome. The response depends on our mind strength to combat such futuristic events.

These are complex mathematical calculations with are perfected by our ancestors , which determines the time of sun rise , sunset, cycle of Saturn,cycle of Jupiter, mahadasha, antardasha , kundali and navamsa et. There are lagna, raashi and nakshatra based study of these impact in astrology.

Why should you approach me ??

The movements of planets are not under our control. They were there 10000 years ago, and will remain 10000 years hence..what is in our control is to understand how the movements will impact our kundali and how we should counter it..

For eg :

i cannot stop the rain, but I can predict the possibility,timing and quantum of rain. Based on it, I can guide you to carry a raincoat, an umbrella or advice you to stay indoors. This would definitely prevent you from getting wet. I can act as a facilitator to such situations by giving suggestions.

For strengthening your mind, and making it fearless please feel free to contact me.
God is above religion and planets are the same for all. This is a science and not a belief system. It impacts and species of life on earth whether human or animals, birds or reptiles..


Srini has been a trusted advisor since the day we met. Srini has also been a go to person in terms of astrological as well as personal issues and his guidance has always provided a different perspective. Srini has always been more than prompt and most important of all, he has been honest in his advice. Srini has helped me look at Astrology not as a tool of speculation but as a supplement to optimum action. There is always a right time to a thing and there is always a right thing to be done under a particular circumstance. Srini’s astrological help me in identifying these right things and the right times and that has helped me to deriving full potential out of certain situations – Abhishek Pai, Lawyer, Author, Mumbai.

“I’m a person belonging to various backgrounds to be honest. I’ve dabbled in a lot of courses because I could never pick one. I met Srini Sir through an acquaintance and as they say, it’s all fate. What I love about his method is that whatever the prediction, he never labels it good or bad. He says that depends on your perception and I agree. So I’m a lawyer, a banker and a makeup artist from Mumbai to sum it up and I would highly recommend Srini Sir because he will explain the cause, the effect and the remedy,” Ashmeet Kaur.

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Services offered

1. Astrological discussion scientifically explained
2. Control of mind by meditation
3. Strengthening of mind by counselling
4. Human emotional / mental support during crisis for members
5. Solutions through rituals, chanting and prayers ( optional )

Basic details required

Date of birth, place , time, and family background.

Srinivasan R Iyer
Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Phone: 91-9819026889, Email:,
(Consultation by prior appointments only)

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