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"Astrology reveals the will of the God"

Thought of the day


“Astrology is like a weather report; it tell you what conditions you are likely to face in future”.

Thought of the day


"Astrology is a language if you understand this language, the star speaks to you".



People of this sign are tall with full statures, clear complexion, oval face brown shade hair. Aquarians are serious, quite,thoughtful and of contemplative nature. Defective tooth, intelligent, cautions, economical and practical. Outspoken unselfish, very choosey about friends. Blessed with new and fresh ideas, use own thinking and discretion originate new ideas. Aquarians are strong in their likes and dislikes. These people are susceptible to infectious diseases. Tooth, throat and tonsil, swelling of legs ankles and left ear. Lucky stones blue sapphire.

Person born under this sign possess lean and muscular body, middle structure neither thick nor stout, rudy complexion, long face and neck, ambitious, act line, courage, energy, enterprise, impulsiveness and in genuinely lover of independence. These people are prone to minor injuries and serious accidents particularly to the head. Favourable colours are Red, Yellow, Copper and Golden. Black colour be avoided.

Person born under this sign are of average height tendency of stoutness, sometimes round face, full cheeks, tendency to double chin short nose but sometimes prominent at the tip wide chest are small head and feet. These people have strong emotional nature and are romantic, they have also changeable nature. Anger comes and goes quickly. These people are affliction of lungs throat, flu, cough, pleurisy, dyspepsia, flatulence, nervousness, fear complex, hysteria, gall stone and boils on the chest. Lucky stones are Pearl and Yellow Sapphire.

People of this sign execute any work quickly after taking careful decision. These people are usually thin and long prominent nose, thick neck long chin, dark or black hair. They grow suddenly after 16 years of age. Capricornians are economical, self willed, reserved, reasonable thoughtful and of practical in nature. The diseases indicated are injury to body parts, to knee cap, skin diseases, eczema, dislocation, hysteria, pulmonary. Lucky stones is blue sapphire.

Person born under this sign are tall, upright shoulder quick, Thin legs and visible veins Moderate complexion long face, nose and chin. Quick in grasping, learning and acquiring a good education lovely and quick hurtled, sometimes shy or retiring humane, good disposition, but nervous and restless. Admirer of music, dance, drawing, painting, travel and invention, these people generally suffer through pulmonary affection, cold, running nose, influenza, bronchitis, T.B. etc. Lucky stones are Emerald and Yellow sapphire.

Person born under this sign are of broad shoulders, ruddy, large bones and muscles. Tall upright upper body better formed than lower. Thin waist, prominent knees, ambitions, generous, honourable, frank, warm hearted, self confident, fearless, impulsive, determined. These people generally keep a good and splendid health. In case they fall ill they tend to recover rapidly form any illness. Since these people are born to rule, so they try to be leader in the house. They are very choosy for their friends and entertain them often. Lucky stones are ruby or emerald.

Person of this signs are of good complexion well formed body, tall, shoulder round or oval face, food looking graceful and youthful appearance with sweet smile. These people enjoy good physical structure. But they are prone to infectious diseases, Kidneys, loins, spines, uterus, male’s private parts, pineal glands etc. Librans’ enjoy happy family life generally also enjoys the life full. These signs people are blessed with fiancé, wealth and good c conveyance. Luck stones are diamond in gold or platinum.

People of this sign are generally of shot structure of plump body, shot limbs, full of fleshy face, pale complexion, muscular and spherical shoulders. These people may suffer from gastric troubles. Affliction of bile and feet is denoted. Pisceasn can be successful as accountants, bankers, officers and managing directors. They can deal in drinks, oil, beverages, cosmetics, chemical, medical and education departments. LLucky stone, Topaz or Pukhraj in gold.

People of this sign or rashi is as aiming high with certain object in view and aim at one thing at a time. A well proportioned and a well developed body, tall shoulder generally long or oval face clear complexion but subject to aspect of other planets. Sagittarians are not timid they will not flutter not fear and tremble in adverse condition. They are always outspoken to the point straight and directly hit the mark. They cannot remain under the control of others. Sagittarius governs the hip, thighs, buttocks, glutinous; muscles etc. diseases indicated are gout, rheumatic pain, hip fracture lung troubles. Lucky stones Topaz in gold.

Scorpio-born are passionate and assertive people. They are determined and decisive, and will research until they find out the truth. Scorpio is a great leader, always aware of the situation and also features prominently in resourcefulness. Scorpio is a Water sign and lives to experience and express emotions. Although emotions are very important for Scorpio, they manifest them differently than other water signs. In any case, you can be sure that the Scorpio will keep your secrets, whatever they may be.

Person born under this sign are of short to middle height of broad forehead, plumpy bright eyes, thick and stout neck, dark hairs clear complexion, well developed body, ambitious and obstinate. These people are slow and steady and possess of strong will domestic and determined usually secretive and reserved sincere, reliable and trust worthy. Generally these people prone to afflication of throat, neck, pyorrhea, cold and apoplexy. Suited colour Pink, Green and White lucky stone Diamond.

This sign born person are tall with a slander body. Dark hair and hainsly. Curved and hairy eyebrows, thin and shrill voice, walks quickly and will never have a pet-belly. These people have good endurance not easily contented; changeable nature and environment often change their residence. These people should be cautious against gall stoned. Avoid Alcohol and use vegetarian and balanced diet. Virgo indicates bowl, kidneys, large intestines, amuse and nervous system, when lord of this sign Mercury is affiliated one can suffer from the above diseases. Favourable and luck stones are Emerald, Pearl, Diamond etc.



Astrologer Ajay Banerjee a Bengali Bramhin known as Dada among his friends and clients. Dada provides a complete solution in scientific way. Ajay da is serving in the field of Astrology since 2012. He is also versed in palm reading. Ajay da has made his identity as an established Jyotish in less than a decade. Ajay Dada has completed his education in Varanasi known as Kashi ‘Shiv ki Nagri’. His family is a religious, traditional Bengali family who believes in values, culture and simplicity.

Ajay da has completed his astrological studies from Lucknow University

Kundali is the projection of one life like childhood, Education, Career, Marriage and Children etc. You can qualify all yours queries by asking questions to Ajay Da.

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Kundali Reading

Ajay da provides the facility of reading your kundali in Vedic process and provides solutions. His style of analyzing the kundali is so transparent that everyone can understand the reasons of hurdles and exact time of execution of your desired project. With the letter of kundali one can know about the Financial potion Educational status Health issues Marriage Time Problem in family life Luck faction etc.

Palm reading

Palm reading is a very important form of prediction in astrology. Lines in our palm are magnetic signals of our brain which change time to time. Ajay Da can also read the Palm if you want to send your scanned copy or photograph of palm with queries.


One can learn the courses by coming personally or can order for the study material….


Family members, if students are having problem in higher education or the line.

Gem (stone)

Ajay da advices the right gem by studying the Kundali or Palm which can help you to fulfill your ambition or short out your temporary problems.

“Only costly gem works is not true, substitute’s stone can also help”.


What Beneficiary Say

  • Astrovision is a very useful website especially for those interested in astrology and allied sciences. I can read their daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes on the site.

    - Mr. Ankit Bhattachariya

  • After visiting this site many times I found it quite satisfactory. Whenever I entered Birth data of mine or of any of my close friends, I got surprised to see the accuracy of diagnosis of problems in life, future predictions and remedy by Vedic Astrology. Ajay sir’s predictions and calculations are very accurate.

    - Mr. Sanjai Kumar Singh

  • This is the website for those who believe in the astrology. I am a working professional and I also believe Ajay Sir’s predictions about my future. He is one of the best astrologer in Varanasi.

    - Ritu Agarwal

  • Sometimes you got stuck in life and don't know how to take things further. In today's world getting genuine advice is rare especially in astrology. My all doubts and uncertain thoughts were cleared by Astrologer Ajay Banerjee ji . Very knowledgeable and does not suggest any non sense stuff.

    - Dr. Ashish Jain

  • I am a big follower of Ajay Banerjee ji. He completely changed my life. Thank you guru ji.

    - Mr. Ramesh Kulkarni


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